April 12,  2024
Teaching children of God the skills needed for a lifetime of learning, worshipping and caring that the world sees Jesus in them.
Dear Parents,
I'm back, and so happy to be with your children.   I know this was a crazy situation that I never would have dreamed up, but God helped us through.  Special thanks to Mrs. Washburn.  We were so blessed to have her here for this absence,  since she was familiar with the children, and they of her.  She knew the schedule and the curriculum.  Please thank her personally when you see her.  We are also so thankful for her fine helpers, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Ryals.  These 3 ladies helped keeping things perking along, and running smoothly. 

It was good to see many of you at Pancakes with Parents this morning!  Check the web page for pictures.
Our Jesus Time was a review of all of the Lenten Stories.  Mrs. Washburn had done these with the children, but I went back to have them tell me, and to "throw in" some special parts, that are "tied into" some songs that we are learning.  I thought some of these facts made the songs "more real". 

We can really see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  We worked on the letter "Y" this week.  It is a little difficult for some of us to make-especially on lined paper.  We'll get it though.  Our new words this week were are,book, going,brown and looking.   With the last letter coming up, we'll be working on SAYING the alphabet in order (singing is OK too).  THEN, we'll have to WRITE the alphabet without looking at the chart-Aa, Bb……..Zz.   We'll  work here.  It's always a great idea to review it at home for confidence.  It isn't as easy as you might think, for the children to do this without a model to follow. It would be a super activity a couple of times a week so that they feel more comfortable doing it.   We are working on answering a question in a complete sentence.  For example-think of your favorite cookie to eat.  Then, their answer has to be told by saying My favorite cookie to eat is a _______ cookie.  Happy sacks  will come home on Monday AFTER SPRING BREAK  with Charles, Althea, Alana, and Akosua.  You have the honor of having that last letter.  Something that begins with "Z", please. 

We introduced NOUNS this week.  We know that a noun is a PERSON, PLACE or THING.  Our first lesson was on PLACE.  You'll see some of our work after the break. 

In Math, we are woking on addition problems where the problems are mixed on the page-addition and take away together  mixed on the page.  Some are doing super, others are finding it so difficult to watch those signs.   

Congratulations to the Books Read to Me certificate earners-Althea with 350 books read, and Zoey with 250 books read!    There is an extra Book List in today's folder.  I hope that you'll take advantage of spring break to add some books.  I love seeing the children who are reading some of the books themselves to a parent.  This is the time of the year when the Readers begin to Blossom.  Keep it up. 

In this week's folder, there is another "READ THESE WORDS" sheet.  I know that Mrs. Washburn has reminded you weekly, the importance of these being returned by Wednesday of the next week.  The children are expected to know these words going into first grade.  If your child missed bringing a sheet back, that "quiz" is recored as a ZERO.  Some of the children have some serious work to do on these word lists.  There will be a test at the end of the year over all of these words.  That time is CLOSE. 

is our newest Kindergarten Kid.  She is featured on the Kindergarten Kid board outside of our room, and on the web page.  She is our classmate with a sweet, quiet personality who has such a loving heart.   

Gosh, graduation is really creeping upon us.  Our Kindergarten Graduation is Wednesday, May 15, at 9 AM.  It will last about 1 hour.  It isn't the pomp and circumstance as 8th grade graduation or high school graduation.  We don't wear caps and gowns, but it is something that you won't want to miss, and a Kodak moment for sure.  We will have a brief program in which each child will have a short "part" to recite, and we will sing some songs from the school year .  That's May 15, at 9 AM.  The sentence assigned to your child was attached to the yellow paper in the folder on Wednesday.  It is printed on the blue strip.  Please have the words memorized by the Wednesday we return after spring break.  Our Kindergarten year will conclude at the close of the graduation service.  

Don't forget your permission slip for the Kindergarten Field Trip to the bowling alley.  There is a $20 charge.  Please send the money and the permission slip together.   They have a choice of ordering ice cream or a slushy.  We received word yesterday that the slushy machine is broken, and the part will not be in for repair by the time we go.  SO, your only choice is  the ice cream.  FUN TIMES. Due by April 25.

There are some Books in a Bag still missing.  If those are still missing by the end of the year, there is a $7 fee.  Please spend some time looking. 
Have a great break.  It is suppose to be SUNNY!

Doris E.

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